10 Commandments of Faithful Stewardship

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2 Part series

What does it mean to be a faithful steward?  How do we effectively steward what God has given us?

In this series, Allan Bagg teaches how the Parable of the Talents reveals how the Kingdom of God operates.  He uses the story of how God blessed Abraham and the story of Moses and the ten commandments, to demonstrate what it means to be a faithful steward and how we can effectively steward all that God has given us.

In this series you will discover:

  • How God wants to increase us
  • What the purpose of prosperity is
  • How God’s Kingdom works by stewardship
  • How the ten commandments relate to stewardship
  • How to be a faithful and wise steward
  • How to model stewardship
  • How to be content with what we have

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