Authentic Faith – Volume 1

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3 Part series

Authentic faith comes from hearing God’s authentic Word. In this series, Allan Bagg teaches us that authentic faith is believing and speaking God’s Word and not relying on our five senses or expecting a sign.

We learn that the spirit of faith is having believed we speak, that what comes out of our mouths reveals what is in our hearts and that the word of faith is in our hearts and in our mouths.

Allan shares how the Roman centurion, the Canaanite woman, the woman with the issue of blood, and David applied authentic faith and saw God’s power manifest on their behalf in healing, provision, and victory.

In this series you will discover:

  • What authentic faith is
  • Authentic Faith enables us to live a victorious life
  • When we hear God’s Word, authentic faith is demonstrated when we declare the Word, act on the Word, receive what we have asked for and testify to others.

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