Command the mountains out of your life

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In life we will have times where we are faced with mountains – issues or problems that show up.  However, Jesus never said that we need to talk about these mountains. He said that we need to speak TO these mountains. We need to deal with the root of the issues in our lives. We need to look at the Word of God, find our solution in there, believe it and speak it. In this teaching Allan Bagg shows us that our words have power, and he confirms it in the Word. Jesus spoke boldly and clearly. We have what we say. When we speak about a mountain it will grow, but when we speak to a mountain it will go. When problems arrive, a true believer gets louder with their words, they rejoice and start praising God. Is your mouth ready to speak the promises of God?

In this sermon you will discover:

  • How to deal with the root of an issue
  • The power of speaking God’s Word
  • How to silence the enemy
  • What to do when we are facing issues in our lives

Join us on in this journey of diving deeper into God’s Word and discovering how powerful our words are.

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