Do not fear, only Believe

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Many people are facing fear, but not many know that God has given us the power to overcome fear. In this teaching, Allan Bagg shows us that faith is not telling God what He needs to do, but faith is bringing our speech in line with what God has already said. Everything God has for us is already established. One of the ways that the enemy works is by affecting our thoughts. He will do whatever he needs to, to cause us to doubt God. He is always challenging the Word of God. We need to continually renew our minds and build up our faith. Faith takes time to build in our hearts, therefore we need to stay focused on the Word of God. We need to refuse fear – the moment it shows up we need to stop it by speaking the Word of God. We control what we say. It is time that the Word of God becomes our vocabulary.

In this sermon you will discover:

  • The importance of aligning our words with the Word of God
  • What the enemy uses to cause us to doubt
  • How to stop fear in its tracks
  • The importance of declaring God’s Word

Join us on in as we discover how to stop fear and speak faith in every situation we face

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