Facetime With God

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4 Part series

Do you still find yourself acting in a way you do not want to? Do you wonder how to effectively line your life up with God’s Word? 

In this series, Allan Bagg teaches that although our spirits are instantly born-again, our minds need to be renewed daily. By using the book of James, He reveals to us the importance of transforming our minds by continuing in God’s Word. 

In this series you will discover: 

  • How to see things the way God sees them; 
  • How the implanted Word saves our souls; 
  • How to overcome the unbelief and negative influences that bombard us daily; 
  • How the Word of God reflects the image of God; 
  • That giving attention is more than just listening; 
  • How necessary it is to be a doer of the Word; 
  • and That by spending time in the Word, His image is revealed in us. 

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