Living Manifestation of the Beatitudes

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5 Part series

All of us have been called with certain gifts, talents, and abilities with a specific purpose in life. If we are to fulfil everything God has called us to do, we need to follow His plan. 

Allan Bagg takes us on a journey of discovery through a multitude of scriptures giving in-depth revelation on the meaning of the Beatitudes and how to practically apply them in our lives. 

Jesus gave us the great gift of Righteousness and set us on a path of victory to fulfil His plan for our life. Discover how you can walk in the path that God has set out for you and see victory in every area of your life. 

In this series you will discover: 

  • Practical application of the Beatitudes; 
  • How to live in the fullness of God’s plan for you; 
  • The rewards of living a righteous life. 

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