Our Bountiful God of Grace

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8 Part series 

As born again children of God we were made the righteousness of God.  By Faith we have access to the Grace of God. Understanding and operating in the fullness of God’s Grace has the potential to make us unstoppable. 

In this life-changing series Allan Bagg shares in depth revelation of the Power of the Grace of God. Understanding Grace gives us the power and authority to be delivered out of any situation. By His Grace we reign in this life. 

Step into the fullness of what God has planned for you by stepping into the fullness of God’s Grace. 

In this series you will discover: 

  • The importance of receiving your righteousness; 
  • How to triumph over any obstacle in your life; 
  • How to resist the devil and have victory in Grace; 
  • The true nature of our God of Grace;
  • The manifold manifestations of Grace.

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