Our Covenant of Healing

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God has made a covenant with us; He wants us to be healed and He wants to show us how to stay in that healing. Restoration means bringing back what God originally intended for His church to enjoy. We might get tempted by symptoms, but we need to resist it. How? By speaking the Word of God and believing it. There is a law of sowing and reaping and we do not want to sow bad seed through our words. The anointing needs to be so alive in our bodies that when sickness or disease touch us it dies instantly. We need to walk in forgiveness so that we do not leave a door open for the enemy to come in. Our first and last thought daily should be about God. We need have constant communication with God throughout our day. We are not the sick trying to get healed, we are the healed resisting sickness.

Join us as we dig deeper into our covenant of healing with God.

In this series you will discover: 

  • The power of believing in the Name of Jesus
  • How to resist sickness
  • The law of sowing and reaping
  • The importance of walking in forgiveness
  • Power of our words

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