The Covenant of Psalm 23

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In this teaching Allan Bagg speaks about the covenant we have with God. He takes Psalm 23 verse by verse and powerfully explains what it means to us for today. God is our Shepherd, and we will not lack any good thing. He needs to be Lord over every area of our lives, that is when we will see every need met. When the enemy attacks us it is normally in the realm of our thoughts, he uses fear to get us to doubt and eventually we can end up in a place of unbelief. We need to submit ourselves to God and He will lead us. As a Christian we have the full power of God! God is love and there is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out all fear.

God’s desire for us today is for us to overflow with His goodness. It is time for us to take hold of this covenant and start living in it.

Join us as we discover the true meaning of Psalm 23 and see the amazing covenant we have with God.

In this series you will discover:

  • Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever;
  • How to have all our needs met;
  • The reason why people fear;
  • How to overcome fear.

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