Understanding God’s Prayer System

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8 Part series 

As believers, we all have prayed and seen our prayers answered, and other times it seemed like there was not an answer. According to the Word of God, there is a way to pray successfully that you will always see your prayers answered. 

In this powerful series, Dr. Allan teaches on the protocols of prayer whereby we will see our prayers answered every time. There is a specific process to prayer in order to stop the enemy from stealing our promise. If we understand how the system works and learn how to pray accurately then we can have what is rightfully ours every single time. 

In this series you will discover: 

  • How to reach a place of having every prayer answered; 
  • The importance of making God’s Word our standard in prayer; 
  • The guarantees we have of our prayers being answered; 
  • What can stop our prayers from being answered; 
  • The importance of knowing the will of God. 

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