Kingdom First – Volume 1

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8 Part Series

What does it mean to seek first the Kingdom of God? The Word of God reveals again and again that when the first things are accurately applied first, the rest works?
In Volume 1 of this series, Allan Bagg shows us principles from the Word that inform us on how to practically seek God’s Kingdom and how to place Him first in our lives. He describes how God has instituted laws of life, and when we obey these laws, we will succeed in life.

In this series you will discover:
• The difference between serving God and serving Mammon;
• How our faith can be contaminated by fear;
• How to walk in victory by changing the way we think and speak;
• How to imitate God;
• The Law of First Mention;
• What a first fruit is and what its purpose is;
• How Jesus is the first fruit;
• How we have become first fruits; and
• How putting God first in our lives will grow the Kingdom of God and impact the world.

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