Kingdom First – Volume 2

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11 Part Series

What does it mean to be part of the household of faith? What are our rights and responsibilities within this household?
In Volume 2 of this series, Allan Bagg continues to show us principles from the Word that inform us on how to practically seek God’s Kingdom first. He shares how life is a choice and that we choose life by our words and our actions. He explains how the correct application of God’s principles will result in our success.

In this series you will discover:
• Who is the household of faith;
• How to hold fast the confession of our hope;
• How to choose life in what we say and do;
• How to imitate God;
• The importance of honouring the man of God placed in our lives;
• The difference between the tithe, first fruit, and offerings;
• The answer to the questions we may have regarding the tithe; and
• How following God’s principles will always result in God’s pre-determined outcome.

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